BBDO & Microsoft shock by shredding books for innovation

BBDO & Microsoft shock by shredding books for innovation

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 — BBDO & Microsoft want to make marketeers aware of the fact they need to catch up with the digital revolution and with new technologies which their customers have already fully embraced. They want marketeers to come to BBDO Connect, a seminar designed to educate and inspire them with the possibilities.

A complicated story to tell but BBDO manages to do it with deceptive simplicity. Their insight? If marketeers aren’t using new technologies it is because their outdated marketing handbooks don’t not discuss them.

So what’s the point of keeping those old books if they are so useless?

As a result 2,000 pages of old marketing textbooks were ripped out and overprinted with an invitation to innovation. Each mailing comprises two pages from a forgotten book, making it clear there are new technologies and new ideas to be discovered at the BBDO Connect event.

A bold act, but hopefully one with a desired effect: even bolder marketeers who’ll integrate more technology in their future campaigns.



Client: BBDO Belgium & Microsoft

Creative Directors: Henny Van Gerwen, Sebastien De Valck

Art director: Klaartje Galle

Copywriter: Régine Smetz, Leen Baeten

Account Team: Daniel Schots, Sarah Van Praag

Account Microsoft: Tim Nagels

Print Production: Jozias Boone




Old Marketing Books: An invitation to innovation - Case Study