Bosch glides through your home one night... to vacuum

Bosch glides through your home one night... to vacuum

Monday, July 14, 2014 — Imagine two people come to your home in the middle of the night while you sleep. And in the morning you notice that... they have vacuumed!

A Boschhhh challenge

This is what happens in the new Bosch video created by advertising agency BBDO Belgium. Two employees were given the task of vacuuming two homes without waking the occupants. And they did, proving that the Relaxx'x ProSilence vacuum is incredibly quiet. 

How can Relaxx'x ProSilence be so quiet?

Relaxx'x Prosilence is the quietest vacuum cleaner on the market. Less than 66 decibels, that’s even less than a hairdryer. What’s its secret? The Silence Sound System™. This vacuum is more discreet than a shadow, yet extremely powerful, economical and hygienic. What’s more, you’ll have no more problems with the bag, since there isn’t any.


Advertising Agency: BBDO Belgium
Agency website:
Creative Director: Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Art Director: Frédéric Zouag
Copywriter: Nicolas Gaspart
RTV Producer: Nicolas Van Poeck
Account Supervisor: Kris Van den Brandt
Advertiser Supervisor: Dimitri Peeters, Bosch, Jette, Belgium
Director: Hans Buysse
Producer: Hans Buysse
Production Agency: PIMPZ


The quietest burglars ... vacuum at night

Getting inside
Reaction 1
Reaction 2
Vacuum cleaning inside