Breaking: BBDO Belgium team arrested for “killing it” at the BOA Awards

Thursday, May 7, 2015 — Well, not really. We did “kill it”, though, since BBDO Belgium took home just about every awesome BOA Award we could get our hands on. Without casualties. Really! Although we are lethally effective, we’re not killers. We beat well over 80 other cases to win no less than 9 different awards, including the Grand Prix!

Rather impressive, isn’t it? Check out the winning cases below. We’re so friggin’ #BBDOPROUD!


  • KBC - Pukkelpop for € 5
    • Silver in Sponsoring
  • JC Decaux – Google Street View
    • Gold in Direct
    • Silver in Product Launch
    • Gold in B2B
  • Mercedes – Puts You in the Spotlight Newspaper
    • Bronze in B2B


  • JC Decaux – Google Street View
    • Gold


  • JC Decaux – Google Street View
    • Gold
    • Grand Prix
  • Vier – Stalker viewed your profile
    • Coup de coeur

Direct mail for Mercedes C-Class makes fleet managers front page news

JCDecaux sends out huge bills for advertising on Street View

KBC – Pukkelpop For 5 Euro (Case Study)

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