Discover the smallest football stadium in the world

Discover the smallest football stadium in the world


Wednesday, June 25, 2014 — During the World Cup, Knacki ball has launched its limited edition Knacki Football, Knacki balls which resemble small footballs.

For the occasion, they completely transformed the interior of a vending machine located in Antwerp Central’s train station into a mini football stadium.

Passersby were asked to press a button to receive their free sample. Once they did, to their surprise the door opened and a mini football stadium appeared.

On the ground was an opponent of high standing: Leo Van Der Elst, a Belgian football legend who helped the Red Devils qualify for the semi-finals of the World Cup in Mexico in 1986.

Once inside, their only aim was to leave with their Knacki Football box: in other words, make a goal.

Other crazy characters entered the pitch to add a little spice to this unexpected football game already full of surprises.

Don’t wait to discover the best Belgian football player in the smallest stadium in the world.



Creative Director: Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Art Director: Frédéric Zouag
Copywriter: Nicolas Gaspart
Account team: Sarah Van Praag, Michelle Stas, Niklaas Vanheukelom, Maarten Van De Vondel, Steve Leyseele
Digital Strategic Planner: Jan Van Brakel
Designer: Virginie Delaleu
Advertiser Supervisor: Aline Petteau
Director: Jaspers Stoefs, Stijn Van Den Bossche
Producer: Filip Van Vangeffelen
Production Agency: Made in Brussels
Vending Machine Production: Plug n Play

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Leo Van Der Elst inside Vending Machine