Douwe Egberts & BBDO most warmly recommend people to grow closer

Douwe Egberts & BBDO most warmly recommend people to grow closer

Thursday, October 16, 2014 — ‘Coffee?’ It is just one word. Yet this seemingly simple question entails so much more. It opens doors. It can be the perfect excuse to grow closer to each other (again). Or even the start of something new.

To show that Douwe Egberts coffee brings people together, BBDO and Latcho Drom created a moving TV commercial in true Douwe Egberts tradition. In a family environment, authentic yet modern, deeply humane ánd daring. The perfect setting to give meaning to ‘There is some Douwe Egberts in the air’ once again.

The commercial tells the modern-day story of a divorced couple during ‘the exchange’, when mom drops off the children for another week with their father. The reunion is cautious, the newfound balance is fragile. Yet, the dad decides to invite in his ex wife for a cup of coffee. When he spots his ex’s new boyfriend outside, the tension rises. But through a nice cup of coffee, the father can turn around the situation. By carrying out a tray with three cups instead of two, he symbolically shows his acceptance of this new situation. The emotional power and intensity of the moment are brought to life in a beautiful and intimate manner.

The cinematic images and truthful acting make it look almost like a scene from a movie. The footage is cinematic, as much as the story is recognizable and authentic. Life after divorce is a delicate subject that Douwe Egberts does not want to shun. As a ‘caregiver brand’ they want to – and dare to – take up an essential place in people’s day-to-day lives. A place Douwe Egberts fills with warmth. In this way, Douwe Egberts, thé coffee brand since 1753, shows that it remains relevant.



Client: Douwe Egberts
Marketing Team: Peter Pintens, Danielle De Lange, Philippe Deben
Agency: BBDO Belgium
Creative Directors: Arnaud Pitz, Sebastien De Valck
Art Director: Klaartje Galle
Copywriter: Régine Smetz
Account team: Isabel Peeters, Muriel Douchain, Laura Remory
Strategy: Ann Peetermans
TV Producer:  Leen Van den Brande, Roxane Lemaire, Nicolas Van Poeck
Production Company: Latcho Drom
Director: Ric Cantor
Producer: Julie Bosteels
Music: Sonicville – Phile Bokken, Pieter Van Dessel
Published : October 2014

Douwe Egberts - De Derde Kop

The Third Cup - Still 1
The Third Cup - Still 2
The Third Cup - Still 3