For every #notaste Tabasco couldn’t resist to #addtaste

For every #notaste Tabasco couldn’t resist to #addtaste

Tuesday, June 10, 2014 — Tabasco® wants to step away from its hot image. The legendary pepper sauce now wants to put more focus on its wide range of flavors. The message: Tabasco® adds taste.

Tabasco® can only add taste when there’s a lack of taste. And if there is one place where people complain about the lack of taste they experience, it’s Twitter.

So Tabasco® made it its mission on Twitter to add some taste in a world that sometimes lacks some.

With the help of BBDO Belgium, Tabasco®  had a social media team at the ready to respond to every #notaste with a deceivingly simple #addtaste. They engaged in conversations about the lack of taste – food-related or not – and flavored them up. Resulting in one-to-one tweeted ads.

Like when everybody complained about the tasteless Vogue cover of Kim and Kanye for instance, the pepper sauce couldn’t resist to react with a ‘tasteful’ Vogue cover spoof.


Tabasco® surprised people when they least expected it. And people like it, helping Tabasco® to actively spread the message that Tabasco® adds taste.




Client: Tabasco Belgium

Account Tabasco: Inneke Debuck

Creative Director: Sebastien De Valck

Art director: Klaartje Galle

Copywriter: Régine Smetz

Social Media Team: Jutta Callebaut, Sofie Willems, Sina Hug, Reine Driesen

Account Team: Kris Van Den Brandt, Annouck Hendrickx, Julie Bogaerts

For every #notaste Tabasco® couldn't resist to #addtaste