Thrilling radio campaign for Crime Night on VIER

Thursday, September 10, 2015 — In these times of zapping, skipping and fast forwarding, BBDO launches a radio campaign that claims you will be looking forward to the commercials.


Crime night on VIER - with Castle, Stalker and Criminal Minds in the line-up - promises to be so thrilling that you will feel relieved when the commercials finally start. Listen here to the 4 radio commercials, and make a ‘Can you tell first’ game out of it.



Creative directors: Jan De Jonghe, Sebastien De Valck, Arnaud Pitz
Copywriter: Jutta Callebaut
Concept: Michiel Baeten, Jutta Callebaut
Strategy: Ann Peetermans
RTV Director: Nicolas Van Poeck
Account manager: Lore Desmet
Account Director: Isabel Peeters
Production Company: Geluidshuis
Client: VIER, SBS Belgium
Contact: Steven Vlassenroot, Steven Huyers
Media planning: Magna Global



Vier - Crime Night - Sanitary Pads ( 30" Radio Commercial)

Vier - Crime Night - Softener ( 30" Radio Commercial)

Vier - Crime Night - Yoghurt ( 30" Radio Commercial)